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L'équipe: L'équipe

Customer Service

Our customer service reflects the harmony that you will find at Lachance & Co. You will meet people who are smiling, warm and dedicated to provide you with the most pleasant experience.


What do you like most about Lachance & Co.?

The team spirit that is present in everything we do.

What satisfies you the most in your job?

See the joy people have when they can hear again.

Which value do you hold most dear?



Customer Service Coordinator


What do you like most about Lachance & Co?

The enthusiasm and dedication of each member of the team to serve patients as if they were family members.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping people and providing them the most warm and pleasant experience.


What value is most important to you?

Customer orientation; that all our services are offered with the principle that the patient is our main focus and respecting everyone.



The Lachance & Co team works according to its values and its mission to improve people's quality of life. You will find an attentive customer service as well as a committed team of professionals.




'' I chose the field of hearing aids thanks to my mother who suffered from meningitis at the age of 12 and who was able to live fully despite the obstacles caused by her hearing loss.

After my studies in hearing aid in 1987, I joined the clinic of Mr. Ian Mark. I immediately liked his way of dealing with patients. He taught me a lot and I appreciate him.

What makes me the most happy about my job is that we make a difference in people's lives every day. What I particularly like about Lachance & Co is that our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people around us and I have the feeling that each of us applies it.

My fundamental value is respect, I fundamentally believe that if we act with respect towards our peers and towards ourselves, everything is done in harmony and pleasure. ''

Céline Lachance

Hearing care professional, Owner

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