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Hearing with 2 hearing aids

Hearing with 1 hearing aid




  • Better sound quality (high definition);


  • Facilitates understanding in noisier environments, as the brain needs signals from both ears to effectively separate speech from noise, allowing conversations to be captured from all sides;


  • Improves understanding in group conversations, since you will be able to hear the sounds coming from each side;


  • Keep both ears active, which helps to maintain discrimination (understanding of words);


  • Easier and less tiring, because listening becomes more natural and balanced;


  • More comfort, because you will need less gain (volume) to understand;


  • Helps to preserve hearing in the long term;


  • Participates in maintaining the speed of identification of sounds, letters, and therefore words;


  • More balanced listening, you no longer have to turn your head to hear;


  • Localization of sounds and speech, something impossible with a single hearing aid;


  • Lets you hear over a greater distance.


In short, the two (2) cerebral hemispheres will be stimulated when wearing two hearing aids!


Two ears are better than one!


Quick interesting test on sound quality:


  • Try listening to music with headphones or earphones;


  • Remove one of the two earphones from your ear;


  • Wait 2 minutes and put the earphone back in order to get the sound back in both ears;


You've just experienced the difference between one and two hearing aids when listening to music!

Imagine what this difference becomes with speech. It is significant!

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