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Family and friends of people wearing hearing aids


About 500 million people around the world live with hearing loss. Although hearing loss affects people of all ages, those over the age of 50 are particularly at risk. Hearing loss is actually the third most common health condition. Hearing loss is invisible and usually progressive, but it can have a significant impact on the lives of people with hearing difficulties and those around them.

The role of family, friends and colleagues is crucial for a new user of hearing aids, especially during the initial adjustment period. He needs your assistance and your encouragement. Help him discover the benefits of his hearing aids for himself and for you.


Tips for Communicating with the Hearing Aid User


Speak clearly and naturally

There is no point in talking loudly, it is uncomfortable and causes distortion for the hearing aid user. Keep your voice at a normal level, speak clearly and slowly.


Get closer

Reduce the distance between you and your partner, especially in the presence of noise.

Take into account the surrounding environment

Do not try to discuss from one room to another and in rooms where there is noise, be aware of the limits and face your interlocutor.


Be patient

Respect the rhythm of hearing rehabilitation and encourage the person with hearing difficulties. Be a cooperative listener and help your interlocutor achieve their goal of hearing and understanding better by:


  • Gently attract the attention of the person before speaking to them by naming them;

  • Choosing a light and calm place; avoiding ambient noise;

  • Standing in front of the person;

  • Speaking normally, without raising your voice or shouting;

  • Adding relevant gestures.


Enjoy life

We are sensitive to the needs of all those who depend on our know-how, our ideas and our commitments. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the people around us. To do this, we creatively and innovatively take up the challenges posed by the technological limits of hearing aids to help people hear, understand and discover the richer sounds of life.

Chat freely. Communicate with confidence. Live without limits. And life is expressed!

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