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Adapted according to your needs



The  best performance

  • Ideal for all listening needs in all environments, from calm to very noisy;


  • It is the best option if you are often in meetings where there are several people, in receptions, noisy restaurants, or simply if you want to have the best possible listening without compromise;


  • These are the models that have the most specifics to help you understand in environments presenting a greater challenge. Note that residences are among the most demanding environments for hearing, especially at mealtime, where the patient needs to understand;


  • These hearing aids have the advantage of communicating together in order to focus on the voice of the interlocutor;


  • They also offer a more specific fit, as they have more fitting options available, which can be important for certain types of hearing loss.



For active people


  • Ideal for quiet to moderately noisy listening environments;


  • These hearing aids give adequate results in difficult situations such as small groups of people, family reunions as well as slightly noisy environments;


  • It is  possible to focus on the voice when the noise is rather moderate.



Perfect for your daily life


  • Sufficient choice for someone who is in a calm environment most of the time


  • These hearing aids help you hear the television and music better as well as voice during a conversation with a person.

Any hearing aids, are compatible with remote controls to enhance and facilitate the user's hearing experience.

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