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Information / Selection

On your very first appointment with your hearing care professional:


  • We will explain your audiogram to you;

  • We will discuss the various hearing aids available and together we will choose the best product for you, according to your hearing and your needs;

  • We will take the impressions of your ears with material specially designed for this use. These impressions will be used to order devices that are customized for you;


  • A second appointment, a few weeks later, will be reserved so that you can take possession of your personalized hearing aids. We will then make the necessary adjustments in order to personalize your equipment and we will explain its operation as well as the maintenance, in order to give you a great experience with your new amplification;

  • You will need to allow approximately 1 hour for each of these two (2) meetings;

  • During your first experience, the presence of a loved one is favorable and recommended during your appointments in order to accompany you through the fitting process.


Note: all Lachance & Co patients benefit from a one-month adaptation period, starting on the day they take possession of the hearing aids

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